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The place of Kalniškė battle

Kalniškė battle was in 1945. Partisans (persons were about 60 - 120 according to different sources amount of them) were well fortified in the top of hill, they had had machine-guns and grenades. About 700 warriors had died in the battle. The fight had lasted whole day and only after sunset the partisans had broke out of encirclement.
44 warriors had died; between warriors was the wife of commander named Albina Neifaltienė - Pušelė.
Now in memory of that battle there is the monument for defenders of freedom of Lithuania.

The place of Statiškė battle

Several hundreds of rebels from Alytus side  fought with army unit of Russia which was leaded by colonel Skrodulis and captain Stern fon Gviazdonvskio in Statiškė place in 1863-06-29. Hidden rebels fired Russians after this had fought main forces. Rebels lost this battle, in which 35 people died, and part of them was taken prisoners. Later rebels commander and officer of artillery P. Siuzinas was reburied by his wife in Seirijai. The cemetery of rebellion participants is by the road  Statiškė – Mockonys. Statiškė battlefield is 1km out of route.

Šeštokai train station

Šeštokai town already had more than 400 years. The train station of Šestokai built in tsar time. From Šeštokai train station in 1941 the 14 of June, started exile to Siberia the brightest people of Lithuania. For homage to expatriates of Lithuania in public garden close to train station built cross and monument.

Cemetery of the Holocaust victims

Jews settled about in the middle of 18th century In Veisiejai town.  Number of Jews  had quickly increased in this town. The first time cemetery of Jews was marked on map in 1800. All Jews of Veisiejai town were sent to Lazdijai ghetto and had shoot in 1941.