Lazdijai Tourism Information Centre
Vilniaus g. 1, LT-67106 Lazdijai
Phone 8 318 66130
I–IV – 8.00–17.00
V – 8.00–15.45
Lunch break: 12.00–13.00

Janaslavas village 10,

LT-67170 Lazdijai r.
Phone 8 318 51160, 8 318 51881
I–VII – 8.00–20.00

For a long time Lazdijai region, located on the very borderline of Lithuania, covered by the thickset forests, was not popular place for tourists. Sometimes it was "discovered" by local people, travelling far and wide Lithuania. Today Lazdijai indicates very important direction – the direction to Europe - and this place is marked on all of the roads of Lithuania. But not only tourists who are on the course to Europe visit Lazdijai. Tourists here are those who visited us once and can‘t forget the beauty of Dzūkija forests, our pure water lakes, who are tired of stressful city life. The homesteads of the countryside tourism, situated on the lakesides, welcome the holidaymakers as shelter from everyday problems and stress. We kindly invite you to follow their example. Besides, there are plenty places to visit where history of this lovely country will be told by nature and creations itself, by expositions in the museums, monument, etc.